What makes The Athletic Studio / TAS CrossFit different than a Globo Gym?

Most gyms are structured to make money by getting the masses to sign up, locking you in for long term contracts, then hoping you never come back. The Athletic Studio is structured to strictly to make you, the athlete better. Your attendance is our goal. Your hard work is our passion. Your success is our business plan. We are committed to supreme and life-long functionality–and this through workouts that are constantly varied so that you are consistently challenged. You wonʼt get bored and will feel a part of a community that has a common goal of becoming a better athlete everyday.

Our movements are not generally taught in regular gyms. Though optimal for elite fitness, prolonged functionality and improved health, they require superior instruction and the proper space/facility to accommodate them.

If your training neglects the development of the stabilization needed to move objects in space and promotes fixed and planal movement restrictions, you are more prone to get hurt when there are no such restrictions (i.e., in real life).

Unlike the Globo Gyms which are filled with equipment, we have no machines at The Athletic Studio / TAS CrossFit. The athletes are the machines, and our coaches instruct you on how to move safely and efficiently. Our athletes have stated that while attending our group classes, they feel as though they have a “personal trainer”–and for a fraction of the cost. This because throughout the class our coaches are teaching, correcting, motivating, and encouraging. These to ensure proper mechanics and thus safety; a full range of motion, and thus, greater functionality and neuro-endocrine response; and a heightened intensity, and thus, faster results.

We know you have a choice and we pledge to do our best everyday to make the programs available challenging, motivating and FUN!


$125 unlimited classes per month


$155 unlimited classes per month

FIT & CrossFit

$175 unlimited classes per month

10 Pack

$125 – 10 class pack for FIT

$155 – 10 class pack for CrossFit

10% discount for active L.E.O., firemen, nurses, students currently enrolled in classes and active military personnel

Olympic Lifting

Call for Rates

Strength & Conditioning Fundamentals

$135 – Per month / 3 days per week  (Program offered to new clients who are new to CrossFit or have been away from training for an extended amount of time.